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That seems a fair price but note 2 things.
1. $20 shipping
2. there is 6 days left on that auction so who knows the final price.

In a somewhat comparison I paid $85 for 16 quest kits a while back on ROL. Most of the ones mentioned in this auction where included.
Do a little research and see what these kits retail for and go from there.
I see quite a few auctions go for much higher than I can buy them at the local hobby shop and I have to wonder, why?

I don't know. Shipping is flat rate of $20. Plus the ~starting~ bid of $50 is $70 minimum. That is IF nobody else bids on it.

Personally, I would wait for the next 50% off sale at your local Hobby Lobby.

Don't bother!

I've purchase almost each of those kits...individually...at discount, clearance, at Wal-Mart, Micheal's, Hobby Lobby.

Don't waste your money.

$70 is too much!

Just put it into your "watch Ebay" list.


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