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Jan 25, 2009
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Hi all,

I got my EAT (Essence Aerospace Technologies) TriAtomic in the mail yesterday. I am going to use this thread to document the build and put together a review of the kit for EMRR.

I'm gonna go start working on this back later! :) ;)

Now ya have me nervous. I know what my prototype can do and does, but this is the kit...

Please really spend the time on CA'ing and sanding that Parachute Cup. It needs to slide really easily. This is probably the most critical step.

Also, don't change the length of the Kevlar or the location of the RocketHead Parachute.

I've noticed some finickiness with this interchangable Parachute Cup method, but it does work.

Why is it a beast?


I have a question for you Nick. Why must I use yellow glue over CyA for fin attachment? I've never had much luck using yellow glue. I don't see how changing that little thing could mess up the CG/CP at all...

It's a beast...because...umm...I said so! :D:D

CyA will be fine and will not hurt (actually it will help) CP/CG relationship. I am personally not a huge fan of CyA for fins. Go for it.

Jason, do I need to over there and supervise? :D :p Just make sure you are following the directions to a "T". Kewl. I think Jason's entire fleet will soon be BETA tests. At least he has some experience!
Were the tubes laser cut?

I should mention that the components appear very well fabricated. Can't wait to get started, but I need to finish several other project in progress first.
A question came up today that since the Transition has a 1" shoulder and the lower tube is 4" long, how do you put in a 3.75" "E" motor. The answer is that it is okay to stick out .75". It is still stable.

hmmmm, hmmmm, hmm, hmm......


.... trying to be patient, but wanting to hear and see some happenings!


I started on your kit but....I keep getting custom nose cone orders that well...take a lot of time...

NARAM is 2 weeks away...I'm trying to get ready!

Don't count on me getting your kit finished on time.

Originally posted by EMRR
hmmmm, hmmmm, hmm, hmm......


.... trying to be patient, but wanting to hear and see some happenings!


...pins and needles...I know what you mean.;)
Okay, who's at NARAM flying one a EAT Triatomic?


5th Pic down...


Anyone else flown them yet?

There was a suggestion that if your Parachute Cup is sticking, cut a vent hole above it as well. In the upper body just below the nose cone shoulder.

Folks - flew mine again today after cutting a 1/4" hole in the upper section, just below the nose cone shoulder... PERFECT. Please do this to your rocket.

Also, as a surprise, the Futuristic can be flown as a cluster! 1 24mm and 1 18mm motor. Just be sure to have the 18mm stick out about 1.25" to clear the fins. Also you will need to make a pressure relief hole in the 18mm body.

Mine flew great on a C11-3 and a C6-0.

Bob Cox submitted a review and it will be posted on 11/1.