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Feb 3, 2009
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The launch to end all Gouda debate will be held next weekend at Richard Bong state recreation area. Kenosha , WI. August 29 & 30, 2009.

Saturday is the big day with free root beer on tap, ice cream floats to boot.

Kelly Ranum is judging the Crayon rocket contest that will be held between the six fliers who took on the six inch crayon bank conversion back in February. All crayons are welcome to fly in the contest.

The Flying saucer invasion closest to the pad contest will be held Saturday as well. Here's the glitch. Your rocket flight must impress the judges. The judges will be the folks who show up in togas. Yes, it's a toga party, the judges will give a thumbs up or down to the saucer contestants. Come out with your bed sheet and have some fun!

The Jarosch cup is up for grabs again. Gouda lofting, that crazy contest that can be held only in Wisconsin. Keep your gouda in the air the longest and your name could be on the cup this year. "G" motor maximum, no minimum motor size so everyone can play. The gouda can be attached to it's own parachute or can be recoverd inside the rocket. This event lasts both days of the event until 2pm. Sunday.

As usual WOOSH is hosting the event. register onsite only, $5 for those who want to fly "F" impulse or higher. Modrocs are free.
We will have a porta potty onsite for this event but nice flush facilities are only a short drive away.
See the flyer online at
Unfortunately, I've been around some rocketeers who cut cheese and fly... :p

Here is what I turned my Crayon into.
Half Bomarc, half crayon.
Since you get to fly rockets this year at MWP, I want to see this thing in the air! Awesome Scott!
Hey Scott, I'll definitally be there! MWP too!

I think I may take the gouda challenge too. Hope a 2.6" tube is wide enough. :)
:eyepop: Wow! That is one wild modified crayon! A poor rocket born one dark night of a furtive illicit union between crayon and transformer with a mutual love of pirates. Layne says "that's damn cool as hell!"

And it sounds like a great time guys, esp with root beer on tap! :) Wish we could be there. Hurry up with that light rail construction between here and there would you!

PemTech Art Department, and support team of one :caffeine:
I was able to see the Craymarc fly on Sat. Congradulations to Scott on a great flight and a great rocket design! It was a windy day but a lot of great flights and a fun day for all. I am sure Sunday will be even better as there is better weather predicted. It will take a while to get the free rootbeer out of my system but it was worth it.

I got to push the button on this one. It was a great flight, and even appeared to transition into a glide for a bit. Nice job Scott!
Definitely need more information on the "Craymarc"! I have a crayon bank that has just been setting around for years and I really like this design. :D
:eyepop: Wow! That is one wild modified crayon! A poor rocket born one dark night of a furtive illicit union between crayon and transformer with a mutual love of pirates.

Thanks Trudy. I almost spat my drink all over my keyboard laughing at that.

(Mental Note - never be in the process of drinking when reading Trudy's posts.)