Easy Estes Nozzle/Tail Cone Improvement


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Feb 19, 2021
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Did this little modification/improvement on my Solar Warrior when I built it and had an opportunity to do this again today, so I took a few pictures. Probably not new, in any way, but maybe worth a share because the plain smooth plastic "nozzle" that comes with the BT60 nosecones from Estes aren't all too exciting.

What's needed: nozzle, putty knife, alcohol (and a beer for when you're done), Bondo glazing putty, and a bolt, in this case 3/8"


Clean the nozzle with some alcohol, let it dry.

Then, goober some bondo on the business end of the nozzle, don't need a lot, but once you let the goo out of the tube, time is of the essence, work quickly.


Smooth it with the putty knife but leave a good layer on there.


Then, take the bolt and drag it around the nozzle to make lines/ribs in it. This is tricky and usually isn't perfect, but if you move fast, it doesn't dry out and does an ok job. It can be tough to make a full revolution, so "wind up" your wrists first to make it easier. You should get something like this. If you aren't happy, you may be able to smooth it out and try again before it dries too much. If it's too dry, wipe it off with one of your significant other's nicest socks, and try again.


When it dries, it can be touched up with a hobby knife and sandpaper - you may have some little bits near the front to clean up, so get as much of that removed as you can before it dries. It sands easily, so cleaning up the opening of it is pretty easy once dry.

Then, primer and paint. Here's my first attempt on the Solar Warrior. Not the greatest, but IMO looks better than a smooth nozzle.