Early notice: NARCON 2004


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Mar 31, 2009
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As most of you...okay, *some* of you...know by now, NARCON 2004 will be
held at the University of Wisconsin Parkside campus in Kenosha, WI on March
12-14, 2004. The host section is #558 WOOSH, and I am the Event Director.
The official website is www.narcon2004.org, and we'll be posting updates as
they become available.
Meanwhile, I would like to announce that our keynote speaker for the event
will be Bill Stine. Bill is just about the perfect speaker for our theme of
Building for the Future since he is: working on building a model rocketry
museum; co-author of the 7th edition of the Handbook of Model Rocketry;
founder and returned owner of Quest. And as the son of G. Harry Stine, Bill
is the "torch-bearer" of Harry's "pay forward" creed.

We are still hammering out the final bits of the budget, but we should be
announcing the fee schedules and other goodies very soon.
We are looking for people willing to devote some of their time during the
weekend to conduct seminars (and other events) sharing their knowledge,
skill and experience with others. While we are very committed to the
educational outreach aspects hinted at by our theme, we are looking for
events in other categories: Competition, Model Rocketry, and High Power
Rocketry, as well as events falling under the Miscellaneous category. Talks
and workshops geared toward beginners as well as intermediate and advanced
rocketeers will be welcome.

Vendors of rocketry-related products will also be welcome, and we are
seeking donations of items to be raffled off during NARCON.

Anyone interested in presenting a seminar or workshop, and those
interested in attending as a vendor or in donating raffle prizes should
contact me directly.


--Kevin Wickart--
NARCON Event Director

I have Kevin's email address (just don't want to post it in the forum) for anyone who needs info or would be willing to put on a seminar. I've seen a bunch of people post things here that would make for great seminars (Carl's alt bay and Sand's nosecones come immediately to mind).

Also, please note that a sport range will be setup nearby at Richard Bong State Recreational Area with a waiver of (I believe) 10,000' MSL.

Hey Jim...how about NARCON for the WI leg of the Tour de Deuce?


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Jan 17, 2009
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Kermie, TTD at NARCON would be *very* cool.

'specially since I am currently planning on being there with a vendor booth and maybe a lecture.



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Jan 25, 2009
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Youse gots yerself a deal! I will put Winsconsin in the schedule so that it fits into the NARCON dates.

I am going to let everyone know that if there is a big national event in a state the DW's have not flown in yet, we WILL redo the schedule so that the DW's can fly in that state. It is 1, good for publicity of the project if they fly at a national event, and, 2, it is REALLY REALLY COOL! :D


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