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Jan 18, 2009
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I pretty much finished my EAC Viper Clone using parts from SEMROC and parts from the scratch box. Used Krylon Rich Plum Gloss and Testors Turn Signal Amber Metallic. The amber color was a little tricky to apply since it covers little with each pass. I had to do three light applications of the paint. Then a fourth heavy pass keeping the flat surfaces leveled so the paint would not run. I sprayed the purple color over a decal sheet and cut it to make the purple stripes. This worked great!!! Gave it two coats of Finish for that glossy finish. Pictures of the finished EAC Viper can be found here as well as the thread on applying the paint over decal paper here.
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I posted this on YORF so I am not retyping...

"Redrew the EAC Viper decals but had to use a similar font. I made one set in Magenta and another in Purple. Both are made to be printed on one half of the decal page. The decals are the same size as the original scan except for the smaller "estes aerospace club" decal as it is done to fit between the upper and lower fins. The catalog and instruction pictures show the use of the smaller decals on the BT. But it looks like folks liked the larger decal better. I opted to not include the larger circle because I do not think folks would be using it as a decal but I still have a file with the larger one in case anyone needs a copy. This file can be use to be printed with an inkjet or color laser printer. You may also use it with an ALPS but I do not know how it will turn out."

May print the decals later. I think I am going to get decal paper for inkjet and try it out.

Let me know what you think of these decals. Enjoy!

View attachment EAC Viper Decals Magenta Half Page.pdf

View attachment EAC Viper Decals Purple Half Page.pdf