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Aug 20, 2003
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Hi all,

Got dem E motor blooz!

There is no news on our Estes E motor application. The application was set to be submitted shortly after UKRA in June and was supposed to take three weeks. A pleasant outcome was anticipated. We haven't seen a copy of the application nor have our weekly follow-ups produced any news. We'll keep trying to find out... so that these interesting motors can be made available to all. The Estes Es are especially interesting since there isn't a lot of action upwards of D motors at the moment. When you are off solids, try hybrids!

For AP users, there's not a lot of news on the CE marking front. Aerotech may be stirring on the issue (finally) but a firm date for the availability of ProXX or the long awaited Congreve motors is elusive. Hybrids anyone?

Speaking of hybrids ;-) our first shipment of West Coast Hybrids is almost sold out. They work really well with a gaseous oxygen (GOX), Hypertek-style pyro-free initiation. The Deepsky Hybrid Initiation Experimenter's Kit has the thumbs up from West Coast.

Anyone that has a Experimenter's Kit will get a free mould for the West Coast 38mm motor. We also hope to bring out GOX for RATTs and WCH motors soon. We have RATT 29mm H and I motors in stock that fire up a treat with a button made with our kit.

Our Afterburner has been on the back burner due to the weight of school business for the last month. Sorry... when we are scrabbling around to get 100 rockets together for one school or another, there isn't much time to finalise jetting, execute some weight reduction plans or even pick out the colour of the anodising.

Kits galore

The buck stopped here. Fliskits has put up their prices but Deepsky is going to take the hit. We're working on a new deal with Jim Flis with an eye towards workshops, schools and other youth groups. Fliskits has some new rockets out soon... stay tuned. They'll be weird and wonderful as usual.

Deepsky are now carrying the entire Semroc range. More retro rockets... and some new ones... are expected shortly. The new Goliath is especially cool with its multiple engine options.

Deepsky are now SpaceCraft scale model's sole UK outlet. Brilliant models they are too for the scale accuracy fetishist. We have the Bomarc and both X-15s in stock. We will be getting the V-2s in soon, as well.

Advanced Rocketry's parallel stagers are another very cool Deepsky exclusive. They are great kits for builders with a bit of experience.

For cluster lovers without a supply of QuickMatch, we are offering Clip Whips to ignite 2,3,4 or 7 motor clusters... Hydra VII, Stovi, Viper IV, Richter Recker, Deuce and Tres flyers have a new alternative! Each one is assembled from top quality components and tested before it leaves us.

Check out our new upgraded cluster kits: Estes Fat Boy 3 x D and the Rhino Stampede 2 x C. We'll be having a bit of fun with a Big Bertha soon!

There's a new bunch of rockets out from Apogee called Dyna-star. They are biggish and can handle a variety of 24mm BP motors. We are awaiting our first samples. Dyna-star could be interesting competition for the Qmodeling Mega Retro Scale rockets in terms of size and style but it is hard to believe that anybody could come close to the Qmodeling quality benchmark.

One thing that sets the Qmodeling kits apart is the quality of their recovery components. But you can get that with any kit that Deepsky sells by choosing a Recovery Upgrade Kit. Starting this month, our upgrades are upgraded with longer Kevlar harnesses, bigger Nomex patches and Recovery Technologies Master parachutes. The Master 'chutes are great for small models as they pack really small yet slip out easily thanks to the ultra-thin coated ripstop nylon used.

We are expecting our first shipment of Aerosleeves shortly... slip on fiberglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar sleeves to take the sweat out of laminating a Mach-proof rocket. We also offer Kevlar and EasyGlass socks, too.

BSD, one of our first exclusive HPR kit makers, is still struggling back to form. Mark, the head honcho, has regained the use of one of his arms but is still poorly. We hope that he mends quickly. In the meantime, Deepsky has a limited stock of BSD's signature kits including the Thor, Apache and others. Other HPR kits in stock include the lovely Binder Design Galaxy, a good assortment of LOC/Precision kits right up to the M powered Big Nuke 3E and of course the attractively priced Public Enemy range.

The times they are a changin' wheezed ol' Bob and they sure are here in the land of rockets. We have been hit by my courier company with a whole slew of Brussels bollox about the carriage of hazardous goods. I had to put the price of courier service up 45p. Shipping is already expensive and we are always on the lookout for a better deal. Postman Pat bottled out on carrying BP motors and there seems to be little alternative to the courier companies... and they are no longer promising overnight delivery of hazardous goods though the price remains the same (for the moment).

Thanks for all your support in the last six months since we refashioned Deepsky's web presence and product line... it's been a huge job and it's not quite done yet! Andy is still beavering away in the background and may be pressed into new duties shortly. The British junior rocketry team will be helping out Chez Deepsky this summer before they blast off for the World Space Modelling Championships in Poland in September.

Deepsky Tour 2004

After BK Flamer, Deepsky's Expeditionary Team will be heading up to Scotland for International Rocket Week at Largs. We will be there from the 21st of August. Maybe summer will have arrived by then!

This is Captain Tetrahedron, signing off for now.

Paul Lavin
Deepsky Rocket Shop