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Well by charges I think he means grains but if the ATF sees this it may not be good...What would lead him to believe there are H loads for that?????
Never mind that... he can't even get the brand name right! It says right on the casing that it's a Dr. Rocket, not an Aerotech... And anyone who's been around those things recognizes it immediately by the bright red color...

Obviously not a rocket scientist. Makes you wonder if its actually the owner selling it.

If it had been "found" you would expect them to say "Dr Rocket" rather than make the jump to aerotech?

I mailed, the seller. Let's see if he replies.
I deleted my *found* suggestion after looking at some of the other items in the Feedback area. There is a certain amount of rocketry stuff there. Also, I didn't like the way I sounded. :(

He made a mint on a Collectors Series Hojo.

Len Bryan
And you dont need to be 18 to purchase the hardware... Just the motors.:rolleyes:
Originally posted by lalligood
As of 6:50pm EDT tonight, this auction had already been declared invalid & is no longer available...

Indeed it has. Gist of it:

Guy selling Yamaha all-terrain vehicles used images jacked from another website without permission. Webmaster of that website replaced photos with unsavory messages about the auction seller, his lineage, and his lifestyle. The auction, itself ended 24 April, but was still available for viewing until recently, probably when thousands of farkers slammed it.