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Jul 6, 2013
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Welcome to the Dynasoar Rocketry StratoDart Rocket Glider Kit Gallery on TRF.

This gallery showcases the Dynasoar StratoDart Rocket Glider Kit and those rockets derived from it. Particularly appropriate in this thread are the following:

Dynasoar Rocketry: StratoDart Rocket Glider:

as well as any upscales, downscales, clones, kitbashes or other derivative works. Even Goonies qualify!
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Dynasoar Rocketry StratoDart Rocket Glider Basic Information.

Dynasoar Rocketry

MODEL NAME: StratoDart Also known as: StratoDart Rocket Glider (RC Glider)


Final Year:

Type: Rocket Glider
Motor Mount: 1x24mm
Recovery: RC Glider
Stages: 1
Length: 38"
Diameter: 2"
Wing Span: 23"
Weight: 11.5 oz

Mfg. Description: By

The StratoDart Rocket glider kit. The kit features a mid mounted SST/Concorde style delta wing and tail and a plastic nose cone with molded panel lines. Simple construction takes about 1.5 hours including radio installation. Model shown was finished with stickershock Pan Am markings but they can work with you to do any custom airline or design you wish.


The StratoDart RC Rocket glider kit. It features a mid mounted SST/Concorde style delta wing and tail, a plastic nose cone with molded panel lines, 2" white tubing for the body and depron wing and tail surfaces. It has a light wing loading giving it a very nice glide and easy/stable boost. Construction is very simple and takes about an hour and a half. The only hard part on this model is cutting the slot for the wing after you assemble the body tubes, however the slot locations are pre-marked for you. You will need two 10 gram type servos, two 12"-18" servo extensions, a receiver, and a small 500mah single cell lipo battery. You will need a transmitter with delta or elevon mixing. (Dynasoar Rocketry 2017 Web Ad)

Advertising Liveries

StratoDart.jpeg 2017 Web Ad

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