Dynasoar Mega Orbital Transporter end of season flights


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Jan 27, 2009
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A little end of season R/C rocket glider action with one of my now sold out Mega Orbital Transporter kit prototypes.

Specs: 8.25 oz, 2.6" diameter, 20" wingspan, 26" long, on single use E-6 24mm power. I was using up the rest of my single use motors since they are getting expensive to order in batches of 100 just for the few people that don't want to mess with reloads.

These go together so quickly, literally one hour to assemble, 30 minutes to install the radio equipment and half an hour to put all the decals on. Boost trim was spot on as shown here with just some roll trim needed for glide. If you add the 45 minutes it takes me to cut out and fit all the parts to make up a kit of this I'm still under 3 hours from nothing to ready to fly. No paint on the model, just the decals and some clear packing tape on the bottom of the forward tube to keep it from getting wet.

Glide times weren't my longest but we had a cross wind and I was trying to hit the centerline of the runway right in front of me every time for the video so I had to sacrifice some glide time for energy management and setting up into the wind.

I went with orange stickershock decals instead of red this time to be a bit different.

This prototype was an experiment to make it light enough(shortened and used no coupler and 2.5mm spars) to see if I could get it to fly on the D2.3 but although it came out at 7.16 oz rtf it was too sluggish on boost to be interesting, so I pulled out the motor mount, cleaned out the old foam mmt centering strips with a small rasp and installed a new 24mm mount and re-balanced it for E-6 motors.

It came out below the drone weight limit for registration and remoteID as well although you still need to stick to the altitude restrictions at your flying site.

IMG_20221212_140005252.jpg IMG_20221212_142648330_HDR_2.jpg
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