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Jul 12, 2001
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I just saw a commercial for a DVD set....

Land of the Lost!!!! I'm running out to get mine right now. ;)

Oh my... what a waste of plastic. I figure it will sale three copies at most. :D
From Amazon.com:

" The plot lines were well thought up and even WAYYY too deep for little 6-11 year olds, involving death, deceit, honor, and brotherhood. The dinosaur Special effects were state of the art in the 70's and still hold up well today. They are very "King Kong 33" like, in that the dinos do look alive, if the tiniest bit animated."

Oohhh... I WANT! ;)
HA.... funny.

I guess 30 years from now we'll be laughing at the cheezy Jurassic Park dinos. :D
That's OK

I'm waiting with baited breath for:

snip from Amazon

The Thunderbirds Mega Set contains 32 complete, uncut, and digitally remastered episodes on 12 DVDs. Bonus features include production stills photo galleries, two original 1965 "The Making of Thunderbirds" featurettes, the History of Thunderbirds, character biographies, and a Gerry Anderson biography/filmography. --Mark Walker

All I need is $161.00

Someone please write my wife and tell her that this is a good idea.:rolleyes:

Special note to Dick Stafford

snip from Amazon

In the year 2063, the World Space Fleet is extending mankind's reach beyond the solar system. Leading the charge is the incredible spaceship Fireball XL5, commanded by the dashing and daring Colonel Steve Zodiac. With his steadfast crew--the brilliant professor Matt Matic, the lovely space doctor Venus and Robert the Robot--Steve patrols the vast reaches of Sector 25, where strange races inhabit distant planets.

In 1962, legendary producer Gerry Anderson (Space: 1999, UFO) turned his attention to space for the first time. The result was FIREBALL XL5, a rarely-seen gem that paved the way for later supermarionation masterpieces like Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons. This definitive collection includes all 39 black and white episodes of FIREBALL XL5, digitally restored and presented in their original production order.

Return to Galactic Sector 25 as FIREBALL XL5 flies again in this DVD set.
I just got another Flash Gordon" movie at my local $1 store!

Yea...it was $1.:D

This was not the movie serial but the 1950's TV shop a 3 episode movie.

A completely different and modelable rocket ship too!

Relating to Hospital_rocket's post:

Am I just late to the party, or does everyone here know someone's made a live-action, updated movie of Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds? I don't normally watch TV, but being a security guard at a cable company, I can't help seeing the idiot box, and they showed a commercial for it today. The commercial was shown on the Cartoon Network and looked almost Disneyfied, which for me is NOT a compliment (Pixarfied would have been much better). I couldn't hear anything though, because the TV I saw it on is in the main lobby where people pay their bills and the company keeps the volume all the way down.
Yeah...I figured you knew about it. Like I said, I don't watch TV, so I miss things like this. I don't even watch DVD's on the toob - I use my computer. Visual quality is better anyway on my 19" monitor.

I never even knew about the Alien Vs. Predator movie until about a month ago.:eek:
Originally posted by gerbs4me
I see October Sky is know a DVD, oh yeah:D

You can get October Sky on DVD at most retail stores for $10 or less...

What an EXCELLENT movie :D