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Why do you have duplicates?

  • Different Manuacturer

  • Different Size/scale

  • Got a duplicate by mistake

  • Sale - using for parts

  • Collecting

  • Re-sell later when OOP

  • Coolness factor

  • Trying to create my own armada

  • Other

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Jan 19, 2009
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How many of you have duplicate rockets/kits of the same rocket? And if so, why?

I know I have various duplicates - some by accident (forgot I already have one), some from different manufacturers (say Saturn V from Dr Zooch, Estes, Apogee), some due to sales (and use extra kits for parts), different size/scale. Some I got because I felt the rocket was really cool and I want to make sure if I crashed/ruined a kit I had another to build.

How about you? Multiple choices allowed
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I voted other....I have duplicates so that one is a display model pristine for the show fleet collection.....and if I really like it I'll build another to fly, usually with minor upgrades for durability and frequent flying. In the collection I like to have a completely stock kit as a representation of the model kit as marketed.....but for actual flying on many occasions I want something just a notch up.
I voted other along with some other choices, since I have duplicate kits (and in some cases flying examples) of favorite models for backup. I'm surprised that since you mentioned this idea in your post that there wasn't a choice for it in the poll.
I buy multiples now to save some for the future build and some to fly, none of my fleet is for display only until it is unable to be flown at all, none are simply to collect and sell later.
I'll buy two because I usually screw something up on the first one. :facepalm:

Experience by mistake! :)
Forgot to put "Trees" as a survey choice! For me it's either to replace a lost one or for modification/paint variation.
I like to have a backup if it's a kit I really like and I'm concerned about future availability.
First rule in government spending... Why build one, when you can have two at twice the price? Only this one can be kept secret... Controlled by an American, built by one without any subcontractors, and who also happens to be located in China... I still want to go (to Taiwan), and Yes, I want to take a ride..

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Any duplicate kits I have are different scale, such as the Nike Smoke and Patriot. I like having show models but those are usually plastic kits for display.....all my paper rockets are fliers.
Want to built it, keep in nice, AND want to fly it, repeatedly, risk losing it completely.
I voted Collecting & Other
I am collecting for my 2 son's to leave them something.
I have my collection that will not be built, plus one's I do build. (OOP)
I build current releases stock and if fly's good or thank it's under powered, I'll build another one and stuff a bigger Engine Mount in it, if I can.
I also clone and upscale.
I have the build and fly once that become show models, and frequent flyers.
Frequent flyers usually get built stout, but lack on details in the finsh work.
I don't think I have ever purchased a duplicate kits when I was buying rocket kits. Now, they are all scratch build of the rockets I enjoyed most. These may never fly or only fly once.
Part of other:

Loss / Damage is one reason
Got on sale or some form of a great deal is another.
I've build several Onyx's and will most likely build more. I like the form factor and the performance they give on little motors. They don't last too terribly long so that may account why I make more.
I like a particular rocket and I either crash it or it gets so ratty that it's unsafe to fly. I then make another one or sometimes build two at once 'cause I like it so much. I believe that's why you see so many "other" selected for an answer. Kurt
Why do you have duplicates?

why not? :)
actually, I don't have any duplicates...yet.
but what would constitute a duplicate? ive got a kraken and king kraken.
got a spitfire and thinkin about upscaling that one.
Why do you have duplicates?

why not? :)
actually, I don't have any duplicates...yet.
but what would constitute a duplicate? ive got a kraken and king kraken.
got a spitfire and thinkin about upscaling that one.

Yes - I would classify a Kraken and a King Kraken as "different size/scale"
To me a duplicate is the exact same kit. I have two sizes each of a Patriot, Nike Smoke, and Saturn V and Ib, and four different size BBIIs, but I don't consider them duplicates.
I would tend to agree. An upscale/downscale really isn't a duplicate, but a variation of the theme.. I've got a fairly complete family [set] of the old OPP Estes Blue Bird Zero: BT 5 to BT 60 sized. Does that mean I have 5 of the same rocket? I would say no, as they are all different in length, dia, weight, motor used (in some cases), recovery, etc.. They all look the same, but aren't the same in either form, fit or function. But if I scratch built 5 with eh same sized tube, MMT, etc.. then I would have 5 of the same rocket, 5 duplicates

I have a few Estes Patriots, but those were left-overs from a group purchase / build.. I have since scratched one to have a one-piece BT, and a 24mm mount, but still the same length & dia. Does that make it "the same" rocket as the original Estes kit? I would say no; different parts used and different motor used.

I do buy multiples of the same kit on occasion, but usually only for parts (if priced right), a group build (very very rare), for a kit bash (how many Baby berthas have I bashed into a goonie?! And the kit is still available) or I've lost the previous one (and a kit is still available / still 'in print' / on the local shop's wall).. I bought a clone kit of the BBZ, but have since scratch built the rest of the family..

Although now that I think of it.. 2 Estes Bull Pups under the wing of one of my R/C planes would look pretty darn cool!!
Too many reasons...flying ones get trashed, sometimes ones that are on sale really cheap (give to kids), ones with unique parts that will go OOP, fallen flag manufacturer, some just for uber-righteous coolness. If you found 3 Space Plane kits somewhere at a garage sale, how many would you buy???

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