Dumbest Person (still) alive?

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wow that was truly funny.

check out the darwin awards webpage or www.ebaumsworld.com they have videos like this....LOL!

How stupid can the human race BE!? That deserves to be on AFV...:D
ahhaha....that was funny..

Im impressed the guy managed to hit the person (target) so many times....i would imagine thoes fireworks are pretty innacurate.
OMG...I haven't laugh that hard in years..*tears were falling*

Thanks for a truly funny clip...though I hope someone doesn't try that at home. 8)
I'm wondering if this was his audition tape for Jackass II?
IDIOTS!!!!!!!! Sorry, I didn't find it funny at all, I guess that's the fatherly side of me coming out.
Dumb da dumb...

My player shut down halfway thru dling, but what I saw was funny.
LMAO!!! What a stupid person. Im gonna email that link to everyone I know now!! :D

Thank god they were fireworks and not anything to do with rocketry.

Why wear a helmet? As show on the video, one of them got caught on it and burnt the bottom of his cheek.

AAh thats a good one!!

I guess I just don't understand the rationale behind that. Why on earth would anyone think that that would be something good to do?:confused:

Well I guess with retards like this in the world, there's hope for me after all:)
While I'll agree that there are some people out there who are just dumb as a box of rocks, I have a second theory for a lot of this:

It isn't that people are necessarily stupid, it's just that the default setting for the human brain is in "Neutral", and it takes a fair amount of effort to change that setting. :D