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Jan 19, 2009
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Okay computer gurus, put your thinking cap on for me...

If our model rocketry club wanted to conduct our yearly election of officers electronically, how would we/could we do it?

Is there some type of free internet service out there that we could accomplish this through?

Let the brainstorming begin!
Have someone who is not running for office send out an email with the choices, everyone that cares to vote replies with their picks.

I've done that for the last two years with our NAR section officer elections.
Yahoo groups allows you to do polls. One of the clubs around us (MTMA) uses this feature regularly to vote on how/where to launch, how many contests to have for the year, etc. It *could* be used for the election of officers I suppose, but most clubs are not so large that email would be real problem.
If you have less than 100 members, and an email address for each person, you could conduct your voting via surveymonkey.com for free.
The site even lets you send out invites to your members with a link they can click on to vote. The survey can be set up to let you know who hasn't yet voted so you could send them a follow-up email if you wanted to.