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Apr 8, 2003
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I'm looking for ideas on how to attach an altimeter bay to an airframe.
The alt. bay is in the coupler.
The aft airframe will separate from the alt. bay at apogee.
With the main deploying from the nose at 1000' or so.
What I'm looking for are ideas on keeping the alt. bay in the foward airframe.
The airframe is 4'' fiberglass.
I was thinking maybe 4 PML removable rivets ?

I just separate from the front of the alt bay instead of from the nose.
I mount tee nuts in the coupler, and then hold it in with screws. These aren't really structural, as the forces of recovery are pulling on the all thread/Kevlar/whatever you have holding together your alt bay -- they just hold the coupler in place to make it a pressure chamber to pop the nose cone off. Works for me!