Duck/duct tape in SPAAAAACE!

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Hehehee... Thanks for the laughs...

I've "fixed a few things in odd ways" myself but I usually do better than that...

A few weeks back someone posted a link to a website that focused mostly on screwed-up "mods" to cars-- like using a muffler for an airbox on top of the carbuerator/throttle body after adding a turbocharger, welding add-on fins inside the turbocharger, welded up bits of pipe for performance intakes, welding square tubing in place of the springs to do a huge lift on the car, etc... wish I could find that site again...

If anybody knows what that site is called, please relist the link... :)

Later! OL JR :)
Red Green would be proud.

" Remember, If the women don't find you handsome They should at least
find you handy " .