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Mar 17, 2012
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Just picked one of these up for $25. It does 720 on both cameras. 170deg view (fisheye) on both.
It is 4.5" from end to end, so I am thinking of using it in custom 4" body with shrouds.

oregon scientific atc chameleon

amzon link

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Looks pretty cool. I have been looking at the Mobius camera with a Liquidfyre shroud for our next rocket. By the way, we need to talk - we just ordered a 96" x 4" piece of unidirectional prepreg goodness from our carbon fiber supplier.... ;)
OMG... yup... we needz to talk.
I have a Mobius... and just got a liquidfyre 54mm shroud/av bay. I have two 54mm projects this year.

I like the idea of this camera (the Chameleon) because those lenses swivel. If strapped on the outside of the rocket, you could get both horizontal and vertical down camera shots at the same time.

I loaded up the software and had a play. Both videos get editted together 'as one'. You can have the videos side by side, one above the other (stacked), or one mini insert into the main.

Yup... $25.... and i can see another $25 dissapearing.. These are CHEAPER than some 808 #16's are !!!