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May 25, 2004
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I have found a perfect drying station for glue and paint. Like me im sure a lot of you surm TRF while building. What I found is to put the parts you want to dry on top of your monitor where the head of the tube vents out. Its hot enough to speed up the drying time but not hot enough to make paint bubble. Ive cut my building time in half with not having to wait so long for glue to dry.

I tried that once, but was sharply criticized by my better (and wiser) half for fumigating the computer room with toxic gases. Since then, all objects must remain OUTside on the porch (where my paint station is) until completely dry.

So I set up our little ceramic space heater to aim at the drying rack from an appropriate distance.:D

My 21" monitor is only 2" thick. I'm haviing a hard time balancing the rocket on top.
I like to leave things that are drying using Woddglue / PVA next to a red hot radiator :D Works a treat , and fillets dry in about 10 minutes ;) With paint , I preheat the shed/garage with a small heater , paint , leave a window open , then leave ( with the heater still on ) .
This works best with car paints ( rattle cans )