Drunken Ukrainian Air Force Officer Smashed His Volkswagen Into A MiG-29 Fighter

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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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Unfortunately, I doubt the Chinese military has this problem, at least not to this extent.

Drunken Ukrainian Air Force Officer Smashed His Volkswagen Into A MiG-29 Fighter
The flight line collision left the jet with substantial damage and the driver injured.
MARCH 12, 2021

Pictures have emerged on social media reportedly showing the aftermath of a collision earlier this week between a Volkswagen Touran and a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 Fulcrum. A drunken Ukrainian Air Force officer [a captain - W] was at the wheel when the accident occurred, which sparked a fire and caused significant damage to the fighter jet.

The pictures reportedly from the scene of the accident that have now appeared on social media, see earlier on in this story and below, align well with official statements that the Touran slammed into the rear of the MiG-29 as it was being towed along the taxiway.

Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon said one individual fighting in a pro-Ukrainian government volunteer unit in 2014 had told him that "our first enemy is separatists and Russian mercenaries, the second one is Ukrainian high command, the third one is alcohol, it is almost impossible to fight against it." One government advisor described individuals mobilized during the initial phase of the war in 2014-2015 as "alcoholics and [draft] dodgers, drug addicts and morons," according to John Andrew's 2016 book The World in Conflict: Understanding the World's Troublespots.

There were also sensational reports in 2015 about at least one Ukrainian unit resorting to using a metal cage as an open-air drunk tank to discipline its soldiers.

Ukraine, of course, isn't the only country to be faced with substance abuse issues within its military. Last October, a video emerged on social media showing drunken Russian troops driving a BMP-3 armored fighting vehicle through a concrete wall along the perimeter of an airport. In 2018, a member of the Virginia Army National Guard went on a drug-fueled joyride in an M577 armored command vehicle, ultimately leading to a bizarre police chase. That individual, former Lieutenant Joshua Philip Yabut, was subsequently found not guilty of various charges by reason of insanity.


Get a little boozed up and take it out on the Russian junk...I want to fly an F16 or F22! Let's join NATO and poop on the Russians and their new gas lines to Germany. Ukraine Rules!
When I was a young B-52 copilot, our squadron ops officer (a Major, but selected for Lt Col) had a bad drinking problem. He kept a bottle in his desk, and we soon figured out not to pay attention to anything he said after about 1400. Squadron commander was well aware of the situation, but didn’t want to make waves that might jeopardize his promotion to Colonel (he was relieved for cause in a subsequent assignment).
At any rate, Ops Officer was pulling Supervisor of Flying duty (basically making sure runway was clear and doing last chance preflight inspections out at the end of the runway). So he proceeds to get snockered while driving around the flight line and ends up running the SOF vehicle into the side of a B-52 waiting to take off.
Of course, the commander was shocked, shocked to find that out and threw the guy under the bus and that was the end of his career. I was so disappointed by the whole episode that I was ready to get out, but we shortly got a competent command team who showed us that it didn’t have to be that way.
I learned a lot of, “hell no, I’m never doing that” lessons from that experience.
This is one of those old threads revived by the new Similar Threads feature at the bottom of the page. I kept seeing it listed below the main Ukraine war thread and knew someone would reply to it sooner or later.

Lucky this accident happened last year, because if someone disabled a Ukrainian warplane today by drunkenly crashing into it, that person would be in some deep doodoo.