Driving suggestions for getting to NARAM

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Jan 17, 2009
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We'll be coming up I-95 from Florida... We're staying at the Holiday Inn.

Would it be faster/shorter/better/easier/less stressful to take 234 at Dumfries up to Manassas
or do the beltway to I-66 route?

Any locals have suggestions? TIA.
When I went to the TARC finals at Great Meadows I took 95 North to 17 through Warrenton to the field. It is a more pleasant drive in my opinion and just as quick.
I'm no expert haveing only been on it two times but my advise...

Avoid the beltway if you can!

yes definately stay as far a way from the beltway as you can.....I hear its the worlds largest parking lot...
Originally posted by sandman
Avoid the beltway if you can!

Well, yeah. That's the idea. ;)

I think Bruce has a winner- US17 looks like it might work.

And since I drove US17 into Charleston last week, I might as well drive another section of it this week! :)
I would take 234 if you are looking for easier / less stressful.
Depending on what time of day you hit 495 or 66 it is hateful. Manassas is a huge bottleneck from 66 at 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

As far as getting to the Plaines, 66 has a Great Meadow exit, and it is past (west) of all the bad traffic.
Originally posted by shockwaveriderz
yes definately stay as far a way from the beltway as you can..
...I hear its the worlds largest parking lot...

Wrong the M25 in the UK holds that title. :D

Or is it the M6....they've just built a new Pay and Display section! :D
Trust me...:D

Take 95 North
Exit 133 onto US17 North
Stay on US17 for about 40 miles through/around Warrenton
Turn right onto Old Tavern Road - VA245
You're at the field

You'll be glad you did!
When you are coming in on US17 there are a couple of gates/entrances to Great Meadows directly from 17 - don't enter there. Turn onto Old Tavern Road and enter through the main gate.
Are you asking for directions to the field from 95 or the Holiday Inn? I was assuming the Holiday Inn.
Originally posted by nomopbo
Are you asking for directions to the field from 95 or the Holiday Inn? I was assuming the Holiday Inn.
You make a good point...when he said he was coming up 95 I was thinking of going straight to the fields and not the Holiday Inn.

Sandman, I believe you were going to "commute" back and forth between Williamsburg and I still think my suggestion is the best way to get directly to Great Meadows from the south.
Not really going to "commute". I think I'll be camping Saturday night and go back to Williamsburg Sunday night.

We have two cars so it's not a problem.

We will be returning Wensday for the picnic.

If you are travelling north on I-95 and heading straight to The Great Meadow, definitely take Rt 17 out of Fredricksburg (I-95, Exit 133) though Warrenton. I've driven it several times, and its a nice 4-lane straight shot.

If you are going to the hotel first, then you're on your own, but Rt 234 looks better than the Beltway to I-66.

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RT 17 will be by far the most pleasant route. 234 to the hotel... or ANY OTHER WAY than the beltway/I-66 will keep you out of the every day, Nearly any time of day, bumper to bumper traffic on 66 from the 495 beltway exchange to manassas exit!
Hi Gang,

I am coming down from the north... (NY)

I can see no way to get to Manassas except via the beltway...

However, I plan on leaving my place at 3am Saturday morning.... so I should hit the beltway around 9am Sat morning.

Is the beltway a mess on weekend mornings?

Have a nice tailgate party Fred! Folks heading to the mountains usually have 66 backed up pretty good by 8am.. Ya could get lucky.. I wish I could give you a better way.

Leaf Peepers!! (That's what we call the 'weekend cityfolk-goin-to-the-mountains crowd' around here...)

Well, I am sure I will get there, I just do not know when....


I am finally all packed.... ready to load the car tomorrow night.