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Took me half an hour to find the page I need on the guiness website,,,,
and all I get is this.


Unfortunately this prize draw is now closed. But there is still lots happening around the world for the Guinness 250th Celebration.

Meh, Guinness is worthless anyway.
Actually it's open thru October. Limit 2 entries in 24 hours.
still not letting me register... must not be open to all countrys?
I am too young to drink beer. I also hate it.
No space for me :p
NZ is realtively strict on alcohol related laws, but I could still drink legally the moment I was born. ironic
They decided to change their message, must of got a few complaints


Unfortunately, this competition isn't running in New Zealand. But there is still lots happening around the world for the Guinness 250th Celebration.

What difference does it make. Register with a proxy for fun?
I'm in, took some thought thou. Asked a few people, if you won, would you really do it. Some people had to double think it. Some were young with there whole life ahead of them. Others have children and other family members to think of. Then there was a question about paying taxes on winning a prize. The agreement states that the promoter is responceable for any taxes incured (yes I read the whole thing). Me, no children or family to speak of. Yes I'm married and have one sister. Told the wife about it and she didn't bat an eye, probably because she knows its a billion to one shot. You do have to go thru training and health checks, should be o.k. there, maybe a little iffy on the heath check but they state "in general good health".

Here comes the hard part. If you are picked you are not allowed to tell anyone untill you pass all the test and it becomes official. Man I don't think I could hold it in. Anyway, I'll take a chance. A chance of a lifetime.