Drill chuck ok for rail?

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Jul 14, 2009
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I'm building a PVC pad similar to some of the designs I've seen here... I have a drill chuck mounted for 1/8"-1/4" rod. The chuck will grip a 1/2" rod, I just wanted to know if you guys feel that would be secure enough to hold a 6' rail mounted to a bit of 1/2" rod.

My pad will mostly be used for low- and mid-power launches, but I'd like it to be able to handle L1 launches as well. It's constructed of 1.25" pvc.

Thanks for your help! The recent posts about PVC pads have been really helpful. I'll post pics of mine when it's done.
I had a drill chuck holding a 1/2" rod attached to my 8' 1010 rail. Used it for years without any stability problem. I fixed the drill chuck in a metal pipe cap that screwed onto a 2' long pipe that went into a Radio Shack 3' tripod. The biggest rocket on that setup was about 8 lbs.

APCP blast residue is corrosive to a drill chuck so be sure to spray it with WD-40 or silicone lubricant BEFORE and AFTER launches.

Mark Saunders
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Looks like it's about an inch that actually goes into the chuck. I'm using a keyed chuck, which i've heard *should* be a bit more secure. Any truth to that?
It's a standard Jacob's keyed chuck... I don't think I'd use this pad for anything over a couple pounds. I'll try chucking it up and see how it feels... if it seems suspect, I'll use a longer length of PVC to make an insert (a good foot or so, through the pad to the ground.)