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Darian Rachal

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Jan 19, 2009
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I've been considering buying one of these. The best price I've found is $70.00 at Lowes &Home Depot. So far, I've not seen them at Walmart. Anybody have an idea where I might find a lower price, although I don't mind paying $70.00. Thanks. :)
If you dont mind the plug in type

you can get the one with the flexable shaft and 72 pc acessories kit for $74.00 from amazon.com with free shipping
Styme, Thanks for the info. The selling point of the Ion Lithium is that it has the performance of the corded unit, variable 5-30 thousand rpm & can be recharged at any time. Even if I eventually see it at Walmart, I doubt it would be significantly less expensive.

I may buy it for myself for Father's Day. :)
I buy most of my Dremel stuff at Home Depot. For what it's worth, I like my corded model (same variable speed and all) because I frequently do extended work and don't want to have to worry about the battery running down. The cord is a bit tedious, but then again, when am I ever going to be using a dremel when I'm not in my "shop" (aka "porch")? I don't do Dremel-type work out in the field, where a portable drill or a leatherman is more appropriate.

My tuppence.