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May 25, 2004
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On Sunday, I was finishing up work on a Big Daddy rocket (my father has a fat boy so I wanted a big daddy so we can have a pair).
I had some fillets to finish. I did some sanding and primming and painted it. I spent about two hours total work on it sunday give or take a half hour.
Shortly, my family and I went out to dinner. Got stuck in some nasty weather (thank goodness my dad a very good driver. the winds were vicious. the car was fish tailing and I was freaking out).
About an hour after we came home, I went to bed. Had a fitful night. However, I cannot say it was terrible. I had an awesome dream about a rocket.
NASA or some other space organization launched a rocket simmilar to Big Daddy in my dream. In my dream, I had a bird's eye view of the take off. It was so cool. It made up for the tossing and turning I did the rest of the night. :D

Anyone have dreams about rockets?
I dream about rockets all the time, they arent always good dreams, the one about the rocket chasing me wasnt that cool.

more often I dream about everything nice though
I lay in bed and rocket designs put me to sleep.

I agree rocket designs wake me up then I end up with epoxy,sandpaper out then Im up all night but ya cant let a good design get away cause ya might forget but yes I do dream of rockets
I lie awake day-dreaming about a rocket plan or launch pad plan, and until I get up and put it on paper, there is no sleep. I have a notebook filling up.
I've had dreams of being in the middle of a field launching rockets with lots of friends before. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I wake up in a great mood.
I've also been unable to sleep before, due to designing a launch pad, or control box, or rocket in my head while laying there trying to go to sleep.
I think dreaming about rockets is a by-product, showing you've really got it bad.
My wife really wacks me good when I sit up in bed and the middle of the night yelling something about" COME Down, Come on...NO NO out of the Tress!" or Yeah! that'll fix the (wherever) design problem! I gotta put it on paper.
I now have a graph paper pad and pencil as a permenant fixture on the night stand;)
Yep, sometimes I dream about rockets, I can only remember fragments like being at BALLS or LDRS or something like that... Mostly I sit awake in bed till midnight thinking of stuff vaguely related to rockets but also could be applied to other stuff... Like putting bbs in epoxy. :confused: That's the random end. Sometimes I think up really really cool rockets. Like the "Whacko I" if any of you remember discussing it in the chatroom.

Maybe that's the reason I don't sleep well...
I don't think I've ever dreamed about rockets. at least in the context of rockets as our hobby.
I have however oftened dreamed of myself flying...
One night I had a recurring dream of flying with our NAR section, trying to hit a particular altitude with B motors. Also <embarrassed blush> I recall dreaming of V2s only to find myself snuggled <i>very</i> tightly to my slumbering wife... :rolleyes:
a few times i guess, but mostly i think about new designs till i fall asleap... when ever my mind isn't ocupied by something else (and sometimes when it should be:D) i think about this or that... I also have a rocket hanging from the celing right above my bed, and i often think about that (it needs to be way modified to be flight worthy)... i've had dreams about it to :rolleyes:
I usually don't remember any dreams at all but reading this thread made some flashes pop in to my head ... a couple days ago I was dreaming about putting fillets on rockets. the yellow glue ones were perfect but the epoxy ones weren't exactly perfect ...
Cliff, that dream must mean you have some deep seated fear... :D

Ive only dreamt about rockets once, but I cant remember it :rolleyes: .

Occasionally I have dreams about NARAM. Usually in the weeks after NARAM when I am adapting back to normal life. (For those who haven't attended a NARAM, or only a coupledays of it, NARAM is week of total immersion in rocketry and rocket culture. ) Often in some sort of un-NARAM like location. Sometimes its at a camp somewhere and everyone stays in cabins and has to hike to the launch field. Sometimes NARAM is being held in some Tree-filled downtown city park. Once it was indoors inside this huge, cavernous, and water-logged building. Usually it involves me not having gotten my models ready to fly for the contest. At the scariest dream NARAM, someone was launching a huge, 1/3 scale V-2 at night, and it tipped toward me. With the flame behind it, it became an invisble approaching threat.

That darned human brain--who knows what wackiness it will come up with next.
Cliff, that dream must mean you have some deep seated fear...

dunno how deep seated it really is! I must have been thinking about the Callisto fillets (good but not perfect) and how can I get the fillets on the Tiny Pterodactyl we're currently building to come out really really good.