Drain Sleeve Sock Stretch Limit?

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Jan 18, 2016
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St. Louis, MO
I wonder how stretchy the polyester drain sleeves are? I have a 6" x 100' section coming, and I'm thinking of putting it over some 8" tubes. Has anyone tried stretching them a bit when fiberglassing?
Yes, I have. I slide it over the tube and tie one end in a knot. Then I pull the sleeve real tight and tie a knot in the other end and cut off the excess.
I made some 1/4" bulkplates out of cheap paneling. Two plates bolted to a 3/8" rod about 4" apart.
Push the knots inside the tube.
Make the plates loose enough that you can push the plates assemblies into the tube.
I put a strip of wax paper around the lip of the last bulkplate so they pull out easily when done.
At the end of 1 rod I made the tip square so it would fit inside a bbq rotisserie motor.
I turn the motor on and apply the epoxy all the while spreading it with throwaway paint brushes for enough just to wet the cloth to the tube. I run a $20 portable heater nearby to speed up the curing process.
Once fully cured like the next day I wpie down the 1st coat with denatured alcohol to clean the surface.
Then turn the motor on and spread a final coat that just does cover all the cloth. Run heater again.
Pull out the bulkplate assemblies and trim with a knife then sand the tube ends with this cheap tool.
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You're done.

I plan the do some 6" tubes with kevlar sock then the drain sock.
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