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Dec 31, 2002
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I have had this domain name in my head for 5 years, and as of late yesterday I went online with it:


It is a work in progress, as I have shelves full of items to rifle through, that need dusting off and put on these pages.

The site seems to load a little slow for me, as here at work we have a fast connection. But it does load.

It is some what empty, but let me know what you think anyways...
Hey John! Looks like your site is off to a good start.Make sure you get plenty of pic in there.Especially payload bay construction and launch pads.Hint! Hint!:D

Thanks, I hope that it will be an informative site for anyone who might need the information that I provide.

Pics? I have tons of them, some of which I will have to dump in a misc page...

I will be authoring up the pages one at a time, and upload them as they get finished.

Thanks for the plug

I've always loved Dragons...!!!
So... just playin' around...
Dragons rule!

...it could be that whole smoke & fire thing.

Wicked pic Steward.

My wife looked through some Chinese astrology and found that I was born in the year of the Dragon...
Johnnie, nice looking website!!!! It is very simple, clean but attractive.... Some websites get too filled up with all kinds of stuff...

Keep up the good work.....

Will we see you in Nov at the EX launch?
I was supposed to be launching EX today, but the season has been called on account the Sod Farm is getting a re-seeding for the growing season.

I believe I am done for the season, and will concentrate on building. So to answer your question: No, I won't make the EX launch in Nov.