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Jan 18, 2009
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Anyone know anything about these folks? They have a nice looking Saturn V kit on eBay, search Saturn V. Looks like a winner! Thanks...loojack
Looks like a fun kit. There was a discussion going on in one of the other forums and I lost track of it, but it ought to be fun.
I see that flying_silverado is currently winning that one.

I'm not sure I appreciate the humor in the *very* rude tone of that listing on eBay (for those who haven't read the listing, the guy sounds like Dennis Leary trying to sell a rocket. It works on stand-up comedy, but selling something? Sheesh...)
These are kitted by the guy that does the ant cartoons. I spoke with him recently on one of the scale lists, and he''s going to be selling these via ebay for $19.99 as soon as he can replenish his stocks. Sold out at Naram apparently.