Dr. Zooch Slow-Motion Saturn V launch

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Jan 18, 2009
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I finished my Saturn V last week.
Roger Smith (www.JonRocket.com) and I launched a few yesterday, including some kit prototypes and the Zooch Saturn V with a B6-4. Roger did a great slo-mo video.
Check out the igniter plug blowing out the nozzle and the wavering of the blast defector. I hadn't caught one on recovery for years. It landed very close to the launcher. The music makes an 18" tall rocket seem a lot larger.

Here's the link:


I'd add photos of the build, but the download manager isn't letting me at this time.
Would have liked it better without the rectangular box obscuring part of it.
Here's a few post-flight pictures of the Zooch Saturn V.
It's about the same size as the old Estes semi-scale Saturn V, K-39.
The detail on this version is better. The fin fairings are easier and stronger and you don't have the big clear fins.
On the exhaust manifolds I substituted Fix-It Epoxy instead of the Funky glue Putty.

I lost a small detail piece on that first B6-4 flight and got a very small dent in one nozzle - easy fixes.

I hope the picture resolution is okay. I was having a hard time getting things to load and had to use different format.





Excellent quality build Hans! :)

At the risk of disparaging his photography skills, I have to say that Chris's rockets look even better in real life.

I've read all the tips on his web site three times, but my rockets still don't look like that. :)

-- Roger