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Jan 22, 2009
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There is an old saying... "Spring is in the air and a boy's thoughts turn to..." SKYLAB! Well... at least mine always do. May 14, 1973- my parents let me stay home from school on that fine spring Monday to watch the launch of the last Saturn V that would ever fly- AS-513. Two months earlier I'd seen the MLP on which the vehicle was stacked when I got my first ever visit to KSC and The Cape and I couldn't wait to see the launch. That booster carried the Skylab orbital workshop. On launch day I had 2 TVs set up in the living room and a tape recorder going to capture the audio. Mom said it looked as if I had my own Mission Control going- "It's called the MOCR." I said, correcting her. It was a good day and great launch. Later I took my old beat-up estes K-39 Saturn V and tried to make it look like AS-513... as a 9th grader, I did my best, but it didn't come out very well and it flew even worse.

This spring, you'll get to see how I have done it better- A LOT better. This kit will build to be proportional to the current Dr. Zooch Saturn V. The flight test vehicle is done (expect pictures here tomorrow), the instructions are complete and all it is waiting on are the custom nosecones from the great folks at BMS. The moment I have those, the parts go into the boxes and the only thing that will be in the way of release will be a single test flight- just for the sake of my nerves. That test flight will take place on April 17 at MDRA's Red Glare. Watch this thread for news on this kit- the price will be the same as our ant-scale Apollo Saturn V kit.

If you are a Skylab buff, you'll want this kit just to get the "About" page of the instructions- I have some information here at my elbow concerning the "63 second anomaly" that goes way beyond the simple loss of the micro-met. shield. When you read it, you'll say "Whoa! They darned near lost the entire vehicle!" Because that's what I said when I dug this up and put it all together.

Yep- every spring- I seem to think of Skylab... weird eh? :rolleyes:
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Here is a photo of the prototype...

Hey that looks REALLY COOL!!!!:cool:

You're just determined to seperate me from my money aren't ya??

Course, I'll probably end up not using enough glue on the Skylab wrap and have the thing peel off in mid-flight...

Do I get bonus mission points for that?? :D Just hope I don't end up burning it up over Australia... :eek::D

Seriously, looking forward to it and seeing the launch pics... :) OL JR :)
You can feel free to buy and char as many as you want.;)
The nosecones for this kit have just arrived from BMS, and I have to say- they are ARTWORK! Bill has outdone himself this time- these cones are as smooth as a baby's bottom and perfection in shape. I can't wait to put them into the kits.

The Skylab kits should be released at Red Glare next weekend. I'm going to do the test launch first thing on the 17th and if it looks good in the boost and coast, I'll have the first kits there to sell.

Red Glare- BE there!
TEST flight went GREAT- Kits are now for sale. PM me here if intrested or visit Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack.