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Small, challenging to build, will quickly increase your skill level. Not too expensive and delightful instructions. Great for a BAR or some one wanting to move up in low power skill level. Plenty of stuff here on the forum. LOVE MY ZOOCHERS!
They're amazing! Well thought out, plenty of room to customize if you want, I can't say enough good things about the kits.

I've built his Saturn V, Mercury Redstone, about 5 of his Space Shuttles, and his Vostok.
Great thanks I was looking at getting the Saturn V and Space Shuttle along with others. I have a Estes Mercury Redstone
The Zooch Saturn V was one of the first rockets I built as a BAR, it was a great build. They fly remarkably well too... better than the bigger Estes models.
I have flown my redstone once it flew great the only problem was it came down a bit hard and broke one of the fins. I just figure I would get a larger chute. Its great being back into model rocketry after a 20 year absence. along with a forum
I picked up their Soyuz a few years back and it was/is a wonderful kit. Not easy, not impossible. I worry about flying mine since packing in a shoot and wadding is super tight--also it looks too good :). Mine did take a header off the table and broke at the staging point and I was never able to get it back on and level again. :/
I'm not the Master Builder that HMCBanjo is, but I managed to make the Funky Glue Putty that the instructions call for. Search in this forum for my Saturn V build thread and I document it there.

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