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Jan 22, 2009
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So here's the deal- because of the delay that we've all chewed upon, bumping all of my stuff back a month, I'm going to shift kit releases around and do the Feb. Release in March and the March releases in Feb. This has to do with what kits are easier to put into the boxes and thus faster to get to the public.

I am NOT, repeat NOT taking advanced orders at this time. This is just an advanced look at things to come, exclusivly for TRF'ers. Each new release will have an "I'm a TRF'er" discount price exclusivly for the readers of this forum. AGAIN- NO ADVANCED ORDERS- if you try, you'll be told to go TRF yourself.:D

Feb. will see the release of the Apollo 5 Saturn IB kit and the AS-203 Saturn IB kit, both of which are in scale with our already selling Saturn IB (AS-201 to 205). March will see the release of our first in the line of Russian R-7s, the Luna R-7. Why Luna you ask? Because in April we'll be releaseing the Apollo Soyuz 30th anniversary set which will be a kit with an AS-210 Saturn IB and Soyuz 19 which are scaled to our other Saturn IBs- note: the regular R-7 is in a larger scale than the Soyuz 19, which is an 18 mm powered "mini-soyuz" that flies like a bat otta hell. The Saturn IBs and the Luna R-7 will be TRF'er discount priced at $19.95 plus shipping and handilng- no price on the Apollo- Soyuz has yet been set.

Along the way from now until April, there will be a very different, and very special release which is still a secret. I have the prototype on my desk and boy is it COOOOOL. It makes a cash register sound every time I look at it. You'll be chasing me down the street throwing money at me just to get one.
Very cool. Especially looking forward to seeing the R-7's.

You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of the prototypes to post, would you?
Hey Doc, Any hints about the "Cash Cow" setting on your desk???? Looking forward to seeing the Luna R-7! Keep us posted.....loojack
Now this is what I like to see . . . some new and different models. Great job!!!
No hints... the folks reading this forum are too blasted smart...a single hint and they'd have it figured out in a single afternoon. Of course if you swear not to say a word, and e-mailme at [email protected] I'll send you photos of the cash-cow prototype. That way I can give you a peek and torment you at the same time as you turn blue wanting to tell everyone else.

The Dr. Zooch rocket kits will be divided into "lines." Currently we have the RSV line (Real Space Vehicles). Next will be the "Coolest Rockets Never Built" line. Then the "Weirdest Kid On The Block" line- which are rockets from my mis-spent childhood. Then my "Vision Fer Space Explorin' " line... concepts in EELVs for the President's vision (I figure I may as well be the only one to actually make a functional piece of flying hardware for the "vision"... then after the narrow-minds in Congress shave the vision down to the point where they can see it with both eyes through a keyhole, which is their standard view, at least we'll have my rocket to fly.)
Originally posted by Dr.Zooch
AGAIN- NO ADVANCED ORDERS- if you try, you'll be told to go TRF yourself.:D

May I quote you on that?

Oh, wait, I just did.