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Jan 17, 2009
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Dr. Zooch when is the Launch Umbilical Tower coming out for the Saturn V? Soon I hope.
Hmmm I guess Dr.Zooch must be working hard on the Launch Umbilical Tower for the Saturn V and hasn't the time to get back on my question. Yeah, that it, he is working on it. Good can't wait to see it. Thanks Dr. Zooch.:roll:
I heard ya', I heard ya'.... sheeesh

Okay- here's the lowdown on the LUTs. An issue has developed in printing. You see I had a bunch of the major components already printed and in storage for several years now. The only thing I was still working on were the swing arms- only a few of which had been made ready for printing. A few months ago I started working again on the swing arms and when I went to print the first one... it came out purple.

You see, last fall my heavily over-worked printer died. So I went out and bought another. I only use Epson, because only they sell Dura-brite ink. I need that ink because it does not run or fade even when exposed to all of the "stuff" that rocket builders tend to spray on my wraps. The problem is that different models of printers tend to see the same red in vastly differing shades and brightnesses. My last printer delivered the original LUT red so light that it was almost pink. The current printer delivers the same red so dark it is almost rust brown, and when it is printed along with the fine details of the swing arm (such as the blue sky background) in a form so small as the arm itself, the resulting computer production comes out... purple.

I'm working the problem- when I have time. It is, however VERY LOW on my list of things to do, so expect nothing soon.

Some kits just roll along in development, but others tend to fight you all the way. The LUT kit is a fighter and right now I do not have the time to fight with it folks.
Thanks for the up date on the LUT. Sorry to here you are having so much trouble with it. Once again thanks for the up date. I'm sure when it's ready you will let us know.
Yep, agree with Saluki... Sorry to hear of the difficulties Doc but hopefully it'll work out... I'm looking forward to this one myself!

In the meantime I'll just have to occupy myself with all the other great kits you've sold me... :)

Later! OL JR :)