Dr. Zooch Explorer 1 Jupiter C

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Jan 18, 2009
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I just finished this one today.
No build thread this time, I've got too many other irons in the fire.

While not as tall as the regular Zooch kits, still a fun build.
Those jet vane housings were small, but they really add to the looks of the finished model.
Initially, I had a little trouble figuring out the fin painting pattern. You are given four views, each with a 1/4 turn. I found it easiest to follow the turns of the upper stripes to figure the correct black and white pattern.
I used the Rustoleum Painter's Touch in gloss for the white and black areas. I followed with the new formula Krylon Flat Clear Acrylic with good results. The Krylon Gloss Clear is terrible, but the Flat Clear worked very well.

After I took the pictures I noticed I didn't paint the Explorer satellite tip black - yet.

Thanks to Dr. Zooch for another great kit.

Exp 1 Jupiter C Pic 1 Parts.jpg

Exp 1 Jupiter C Pic 1 Nose Parts.jpg

Exp 1 Jupiter C Pic 1.jpg

Exp 1 Jupiter C Pic 2.jpg

Exp 1 Jupiter C Pic 3.jpg

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