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Sold Dr. Rocket LDRS XIX 29/240 - New Motor Hardware

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May 13, 2012
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Stephenville, TX
Hello Forum Members,

I have for sell a complete Dr. Rocket 29/240 motor hardware for sell.

This hardware is from LDRS XIX which occurred July 1-4, 2000 in Orangeburg, SC per the engraving on the motor casing. This item is Serial Number 011 with a manufacturing date of 07/2000.

The item being offered includes the 29/240 motor casing, forward closure, aft closure and seal disk.

The motor casing, forward closure and seal disk are new, never been used. The aft closure is in excellent condition, but it does have a few marks in the black anodization which I have tried to capture in the attached photos.

I will take $165 for this item shipped within the US. Payment via PayPal preferred.

If seriously interested, please let me know if you need any additional information or photos.

Thank you very much for looking at my ad and for your consideration!

Best regards,

Keith Parker


  • Dr Rocket 29-240 Motor Hardware.jpg
    Dr Rocket 29-240 Motor Hardware.jpg
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  • 29-240 Motor Case 2.jpg
    29-240 Motor Case 2.jpg
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  • 29-240 Motor Case 1.jpg
    29-240 Motor Case 1.jpg
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  • 29mm Aft Closure 2.jpg
    29mm Aft Closure 2.jpg
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  • 29mm Aft Closure 1.jpg
    29mm Aft Closure 1.jpg
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