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Mar 19, 2015
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54mm 852 case with standard forward closure $40 sold

38mm cases only

720 $35 sold
600 $30
480 $27

29/360 case complete with seal disc. $70 sold

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Dude go sell your stuff on ebay. Terrible communication asked you 4 days ago for picture, 30 min after you post saying I will take it.

I email you again for pictures and your ignore, I email you again this morning, you respond today sorry sold. WTF man?! This is 2x now I try your buy from you and you pull this crap.

Not cool at all man.....at all.
You are not the only party interested others didn't require I send them pictures. I have dealt with you before with the same run around for days asking for pictures then debating price and even never completing an agreed upon transaction.
I'm going to sell to the people who pay first. It's that simple. Sorry you're upset.
People like you who sell items with no pic or proof, then wait around for the best offer.

Sorry? I'm the buyer with cash in hand. Said I will take it pending a picture. You cant email a picture from your cell phone? You are the run around. If you can't send a picture, can I trust you'll send my package?

So you pick the highest bid and the smoothest transaction?

What if I paypal you money 4 days ago, how long would you have waited to get back to me?
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