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Dr Rocket 29mm 180/240 motor set w/fsd


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May 28, 2015
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NW Arkansas
I have a 29mm 180/240 Dr Rocket motor set I bought used and really don't need. The 180 case as well as the closures are in excellent condition. The 240 case has been mucked up by a pair of pliers leaving bite marks on the casing (fyi, carry a small piece of leather in your range box if you REALLY need to use pliers). I used a red sharpie when I first got it to tone down the scrapes a bit and it has lasted so far. The damage is only cosmetic, the case functions fine. Threads are good on both casings

Included-180/240 casings, aft closure, forward closure, forward seal disk. $80.00 shipped to contus, paypal f&f please. This set new is $135.00 msrp.

20160916_105613.jpg 20160916_105631.jpg 20160916_105646.jpg 20160916_105702.jpg 20160916_105709.jpg

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