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Jan 25, 2009
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Joe, you're gonna like this one!

As some of you might recall, I posted a thread a while ago about ideas that come out of the middle of nowhere. That Thread

Well, that stinkin' idea turned into ANOTHER project. I thought I could make it a quickie project, but it has gone on and on and on, mainly because of problems with my technique.

That project was a downscale Aerotech Mustang. It came out to 69% scale when I based it on the BT-55 (1.325 OD) tube. I wanted to use this rocket as a "Technique Tester." I wanted to use several techniques that I had heard about or wanted to try. So, on this rocket, I decided to fiberglass the entire tube, use a "layer-up" method of making the fins, and use steel BB's as nose weight.

I can't write much at the moment, but here is an overview of the techniques I tried out:

  • Gorilla glue used as "expanding foam"
  • Fins made out of 1/16th balsa then sandwiched together with a piece of 1.5oz glass in between.
  • 40-50 steel BB's and 5mL of epoxy used as noseweight
  • BT-55 tube entirely glassed and sanded

Ok, time for pics. This first one is of the tube being spun using two K'NEX motors and a mandrel while I glassed it. It worked great!

Now that I have a chance real quick, here's a couple more pics.

This one is of her after one coat of primer that I let dry for a good 5 days then sanded off with an orbital sander. Looks ok now, but I wasn't happy with it. I wanted more! More I tell ya! This is the first comparison picture.

I did one more coat of primer and filling. I let it dry for a week, then sanded it off once again, the biggest areas getting the orbital sander treatment and the smaller areas getting done by hand. I then gave it one coat of gloss white. Sorry that I don't have a picture of that, but it wasn't all that exciting then. This is a picture of her wearing white and gray (Krylon Gloss White and Smoke Gray, respectively)

Now here's a picture of her with the painting complete. I used a BT-20 tube and a pencil to mark the masking line. Came out pretty darn good, if you ask me! Now she just needs some decals, which I hope Eugene (eugenefl) can make for me on Avery paper...

24mm. She'll take anything from C6-3 w/adapter to a F21-8. The F21 flight will be her last flight, since she'll likely go upwards of 3500 feet, if I had to guess.

That's about the same size I'll be building my Bull Pup; BT-60 and 24mm. I'm figuring on doing some glassing on it...
Hello Jason. I sincerely apologize for not replying sooner.

With everything we are dealing with right now, it is nice to acutally see yet another great rocket project from the beginning stages to it's completion.

Congratulations and we are going to be shipping over 750 F21 2 packs out next week so that bird can get off the pad!