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Jan 18, 2009
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Mods: Please dont move this, I know it really should go in the Forum forum but I deliberalty put it here to get maximum exposure. Do what you want with this thread after 9pm.

Just a note to you Brits, don't forget our regular chat tonight at 8pm!!! There was a very low turnout last week (just me :( ). Either that or there is something wrong with the chat room again.
Any Americans are welcome too!

8pm - 9pm IN THE CHAT ROOM. BE THERE, OR DON'T BE THERE... (those are the only two choices really :rolleyes: )


PS: I'm going to chat about the Ad in 10, 9, 8... to whoever comes, so if you are or want to be involved in that, come along.
Well, I won't be able to make it. I'll be at a party at that time, which is 2-3 here.
The chat rooms working for me today! :)

I'm going out tonight, but I'll be there for the 1st 1/2hr.
Originally posted by WiK

8pm - 9pm IN THE CHAT ROOM. BE THERE, OR DON'T BE THERE... (those are the only two choices really :rolleyes: )

Sorry I missed this. Same time next week? I'll try to remember.
what time does that work out for on the east coast of the US? What is the time difference? If i'm around I may poke in and say hi

I think EST is 5 hours behind GMT so 8PM would be 3PM EST.
Erm... I dont know much about time differences between here and there, but im searching as I type to see what I can come up with!

When you say Eastern Coast, do you mean EST?

Well according to for EST it will be 3pm (ish).
i'll have my mug of coffee and i'll settle in for a chat session,be there or be a rectangle:D
Ive just realised, the rugby is on at 8 aswell :rolleyes: I'll have to chat and watch TV at the same time lol.

I'll have a pot noodle! :)
Originally posted by WiK
pot noodle! :)
The Imperial Majasty. Snack of snacks, food of food, all conquering nibble of the tribes of Munchie. ;)

That new Seedy Sanchez flavour is the business.

Its too gorgeous to be faffy food! :D
Can't make it tonight :(, I'm going to be crusing round Bristol harbour on the replica of the Matthew (the boat which found that huge lump of rock the other side of the atlantic - ok, John Cabot found it, but the Matthew was his ship ;) ).
And again tonight! :D Did it happen last week when I was in Portugal?
Saturday doesent half come round fast , your right ! Is it to be a good turnout tonight ?
Wow the first post in the coffee house since 8am :eek: Its quiet here with everyone at Wittakerr (or however you spell it)

I'll be there... With another pot noodle! :)

Just gotta go to Halfords to get some paint.

See ya'll there,

Yup, fraid so! :(

Do what I do, and put a post it note on the monitor saying who wants to use the pc and when... Then get into an argument with your brother/sister about who goes on :)
yep,you must impress upon all other possible users of your pc that attending Brit chat is imperative to the future of mankind.:D
And even though its called Brit chat,everyone is welcome and its becoming quite regular,so pop in about 8pm GMT on saturdays.:cool:

Why not make it Mondays - so we have something to look forward to after the weekend? Don't you guys do your packing/prepping on Saturday nights ready for Sunday launches?

BTW, SERFs are doing a display at a Kite exhibition (?) at Wroughton (Swindon) on the weekend of May 8th-9th. We're hoping to get a ceiling of 4Kft. I have a few I's, a J or two...

Well we have aaalll day saturday to prep rockets. An hour in the evening isnt gonna kill ( :kill: ) you! :p Plus after a vote, we found Saturdays much more convenient.

Also, it was pretty much decided that a TRF UK meet would be best at UKRA this year. How's that with all the other people?

Where's this kite thing? Does it have a website?