Doing HPR tomorrow!

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Dec 31, 2002
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If the weather holds out, I will be flying the following HPR EX loads:

76mm 3-grain K777 KNSB in my RDS Quasar aptly named "K-Power..."

38mm 8-grain I159 KNCP in my VBR rocket called "Grey Ghost from Coast to Coast"

38mm 10-grain RED APCP designated as a J415 will fly in my FWFG rocket called Knight Rider...54mm minimum dia with an ACME fin can.

I have not flown anything over a G load since November last year...I don't have the itch...I have the burn!! Must...Fly...HPR!

There is supposed to be video and pics taken of most of the flights...I hope someone can capture my work so I can share it with y'all.
My pride and joy...K-Power should hit right at a mile on the K777. The rocket will weigh almost 20 pounds when the button is pushed.
A 4.5 pound Rocket on a J415 RED!!!??
Heck yeah! This rocket could hit 6,000 ft easy...

here pictured on a 38mm 10-grain KNSB load.
Where did you launch it? I would have been there to see your rockets. Cool stuff! Well, keep up the good work and try not get get blown up!;) :D

The weather was nasty, but at 2PM EST we got a break in the weather, and I was able to launch the K-Power rocket on the K777. The rocket began to spin stabilize about half way through the burn, and reached a peak altitude of 4,269 ft. The motor burned longer than expected, at 4.2 seconds instead of the predicted 2.8 seconds.

Going with the flow, I transferred the altimeter unit from my RDS Quasar (K-Power) to my FWFG rocket called Night Rider, and flew it on an 8-grain Kn/Epoxy reload. The rocket hit apogee at 3,388 ft, for a second successful flight of the Kn/Epoxy made from Mr. Fiberglass resins.

Another HARA rocket friend of mine flew one of my 38mm 10-grain KNSB reloads in a 10 pound rocket to 1,882 ft, and later flew his PML Quasar to 500 ft on a small 29mm G110 KNSB reload.

The two of us we're the only two "sugar busters" at the launch, but it was a blast. Even some of the "AP Heads" came over and made small talk about our flights... "we flew , and it was good!!..."

I did get to burn the J415 RED, but not in my rocket and not with my igniter. Because time ran short, I offered the RED to a Another HARA member, who flew to 3400 ft.

Flying will continue tomorrow, but I will not be able to attend :mad: "Honey Do's" you know...

Once I get the pics from the people who took them, I will post them...

My HPR fix has been fullfilled for now...
Who else was there? Lemme guess...Walt? Todd doesn't do EX does he? Where was the launch at? I thought you meant you went to a field by yourself. I didn't know it was a launch. Anyways, you going to August Manchester launch? I want to go but I don't think my dad can get off.:( Congrats on your succesful launches! At least none of them CATOed! What made the one motor burn longer? Did it affect the impulse/thrust? Keep up the good work! I think it is really cool when somebody can do a successful EX launch because I know I blow myself up trying. :p
Walt, Todd J and Todd L, Chuck P, Terry McCreary, Jim Mitchel, Russ Bruner...and lots of unknown faces...

I will be in Manchester this month flying my new SRS hybrids...

My motors do not CATO at launches, I work that out on the test stand...I have already replaced Walt's Load cell :D
I wish we could get a local field. I really miss being able to go launches. I have only been to 1 launch this year. That was back in march. I really want ot go this month but I don't think I can go because it is really hard for my dad to get off on weekends (he's a cop and they are swarmed on the weekends). Well, good luck with the hybrid flights and maybe you will have better luck than Chuck P. did. :D ;) :p

P.S. where did you guys launch at?
lucky you! Was this just a special launch for EX or was it a normal launch with EX along with normal stuff. I'm assuming it was for EX only/ EX flyers only because I know that according to Tripoli rules, only EX flyers are allowed at EX launches, no spectators around which I think is very stupid. At the very least they could make a certian place designated for spectators and they won't be allowed past a certain point and they are there at their own risk. That is the way I feel about it. Well, I hope I can make it to this months launch.