Does sanding sealer warp wood?

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Jan 26, 2010
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Hey guys I was just wondering if I need to worry about sanding sealer warping wood when you apply it. Common sense says no since the point of it is to keep moisture out but I wanted to be sure since I've used it for blue tube before but not on an actual large wood fin.
Also, not nessesarily related, but if I was fiberglassing say a 2'x4' of 1/4th plywood, would I have to worry about the epoxy warping the plywood?
Typically water based products are what leads to wood warping, solvent based products are less likely to do so. I would still use some method of weighting or clamping the object as flat as possible during the drying/curing process whether it be for sanding sealer or fiberglassing plywood.