Does anybody's work shop sport an anvil?

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Aug 3, 2011
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Reed City, Michigan (Lower)
How many lbs., and what do you use it for?
I need one for setting rivets, snaps, my leather crafting.
Though a block of steel or a piece of railroad rail would work...
There have been times I've needed a horn.
My old place had a huge vise with a horn, but sold it when forced to move.
Just curious on who else uses one and for what.
I have a hundred pounder. In theory I use it together with my 50lb propane tank and my forge w/ blower to turn scrap into other scrap. In practice, it takes far too long to assemble, heat up, test, etc; as well as nobody being able to use the garage or driveway.

I occasionally use it for various kinds of cold work.
I've got three, but all smaller than the big boys-one is all brass for working on jewelery. My Dad made it when I was a kid from a solid block and it has a horn, a 'v' shaped tail and slot for bending small stock with. All polished up and mounted on a square foot of 2" marble. He was gone a lot with the AirForce when I was growing up but we spent quality time when he was home and he taught me a little forging when I was 8. He was a real craftsman and a unique Cold War warrior. He had the patience of Job and never cussed (God knows how he did THAT with me underfoot!) but I know a few of his ship models are in museums and some place in Groton on display. He made his own tools and even scale lumber fer cryin' out loud. I did not get the talent or the patience, but I get by pretending he's looking over my shoulder so i don't cut corners of half-ass something.
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Over the years I've had sporadic use for an anvil (esp. back when I was bashing people with sticks in the SCA) but I never got into forging and so never enough motivation to actually get one. The anvils in my life say "ACME" on the side and crash down from the sky when I'm trying to get anything useful done.
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I'm not sure how or why, but I have acquired a small collection of small anvils. I have used them occasionally, but mostly they sit on a shelf.
I've got a little teensy flat spot on the vise (like 2x2) and a 12" piece of railroad track for the bigger stuff.
The question I have is whose launch site has anvils in them?

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Them little booger are neet.
Bottom left one is auto body dolly.
Have one like it, used for years.

I knew it was an auto body tool, but I didn't know it was called a dolly. I've used it a lot more than the little anvils, I always thought of it as a sort of "hand-anvil".
Most of the items I've seen at Harbor Freight being sold as "anvils" are in fact just "anvil-shaped objects".

I used to have a 14" length of rail road track which I occasionally used as an anvil. Don't know what became of it, though.
Yes, I too have an anvil in my work space: about a 40 pounder. I don't have a forge, just an ox-acetileen torch. But it’s enough for my needs at present as most of the work I do with it is modifying small hunks of steel. I used to use a 12" section of railroad rail. It worked well enough too. But I inherited the anvil from my father in-law along with a very large pile of blacksmith tools that sit in a box at present.
Someday. Everyone wants an arm and a leg for one around here. I can get old machines in nice shape and stands for them too, for free on the side of the road, but a clever shape of solid iron, forget about it!~