Does anybody out there offer custom aluminum milling?

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Mar 16, 2009
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I need to have some custom aluminum centering rings made for a big project, but do not own a mill. I could go to a local machine shop but was wondering if any rocket vendors were capable of this type of machining. I know Pat Waite used to say he could cut aluminum, but the email I had for him bounced. The material will likely be 1/2" aluminum plate.

Todd Harrison
No go... They are cluster rings

If you have a large enough chuck plate, mount the ring off-center and mill the holes with the lathe. Might have to add counter-balance weights on the plate. This is an old-school method for doing stuff like this on a lathe. How big is the overall diameter of the centering ring?

I second Gary's suggestion. I met Brad at NARCON 2009. BMI would be an excellent choice, and they're reasonably priced.