Do you stop building during "flying season"

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Mar 14, 2003
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I haven't gotten out to fly yet, but I plan on it soon. (Maybe this weekend if I can find the time.) It just seems that by this time, when the weather is finally getting nice, I just get really tired of building rockets...after spending the entire winter building, I just really can't wait to get out. Well that feeling lasts until after the launch when I get all hyped up and start building and launching like crazy.
Problem is, it;s spring, that mean I have to rush over to the field to beat the teams there so I can get a few launches in before they arrive. Either that, I go to another site that as no one on it, but it is surrounded by trees and I have lost more rockets to trees than those that I have safly recovered. So that rules out this weekend...maybe tomarrow will be good. Or I can go to the tree site and launch some small rockets, they seem to do okay....who knows...all I know is that I am flying soon!:D
Not at all! My workshop is unheated, so I do a lot of building in spring/summer/early autum:cool:

That will change next winter, though. were installing radiators this summer:D :cool:
yeah yeah... Lucky duck! Rub it in...;) :kill:
I never stop I am either building or flying 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year
Hey Rocketjunkie,

What part of South Georgia are you in? Email or PM me, maybe we are close.

I live in South Florida so I can build and fly rockets 365 days a year. There are quite a few days here where it is too windy to fly and we have a so-called dry season where we go long periods with no rain so when I see the grass turn brown, I launch a lot less.
Living in NH, I clearly have a "launch season", but I don't really have a defined "build season". Even if I built more, from start to finish, during the winter (for example), I would still be building between launches if only to repair damage to rockets so that I can fly them again.

yep, pretty much always building (when time permits, which isn't often)

For me, "building season" isn't defined by a calendar so much as my work schedule. Because my work takes me away from home a lot, when I'm out at sea, allz I can do is come up with screwy ideas for rockets and work on mental engineering problems for upcoming projects.

"Flying season" in the desert is year-round, but the desert does have its seasons: Warm and Scorching.

I build all year long also. First, the 'non-flying season' is also the 'too cold to paint' season. Second, it seems that between rain and other commitments, I miss half the launches anyway.
Is the sky green???????(Tornado conditions don't count.)

I build when I feel like building and fly whenever there is a launch somewhere close to me.
Like I said in my first post...right after my first launch I just start building like crazy again. My launch season doesn't have a calendat's just when it gets warm enough to get out there.