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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Yes Aerotech does... they are as follows:

RMS 29/180 G75 (Technically a Mid Power motor)
RMS 29/240 H97
RMS 38/240 H73
RMS 38/360 H112
RMS 38/480 I154
RMS 38/600 I195
But not certified or not- just fly 'em @ a non-affiliated site!
I would fly them if I had a site big enough for them... but here in NH... that is hard. I think I found a site for big enough for TTD Grand Finale... but I found that by chance... that would be big enough for an I powered UFO... :D.
"A Dirty Harry 38/640 is the I145 ( It is still on the NAR cert list )

Cool smoke show

I145-390 360 NS 2.47 SEC. DH "

The I145 is a BATES grain DH load for the 38/390 case.