DJI drones banned from US Army

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Feb 15, 2009
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Wow, pretty big deal. Will be interesting to see what develops from this:


I can see how if the data really is stored on DJI's servers in China that would be a huge security issue for the Army and of course all branches of the military. Very interesting to see how this plays out.


Look like the USAA needs to create their own software for these. The DJI hardware is proven and relatively inexpensive. Yeah that would probably break a bunch of end user agreements, but that doesn't seem to be respected by Chinese companies anyway.
If your gonna bring in USAA, why not Nationwide and Allstate??

But seriously, how did the Army get and use Chinese drones??? Where I used to work there were huge debates about allowing programmers from India access to the system that held the bills of material for military parts. This was just a list of parts used in the parts; no information on how they were used or how they were assembled. Some people said that this could be a violation of ITAR rules. And the Army is just using Chinese made stuff???