DIY cardstock cockpit templates/guidance?

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Tramper Al

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Dec 31, 2013
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I want to clone a 1971 Centuri Quasar, which was a sort of exotic with ramjet pods on the 3 fin tips, a space airliner look, and a cockpit. I have the plans, which include templates for fins, shroud, plus decals, and a vague parts list, so I think I am in pretty good shape.

That is, except for the nose cone, which was a plastic #16 cone with integrated cockpit. The Estes Renegade-D seems not to be a great match (too short). I'm not sure what other Centuri models might have used it, but I'd rather not try to source a single part like that as an original from a 1970s kit. The balsa replacement is easy enough, a BC-1655 according to the old Semroc page. But I'll need to add a cockpit.

Are there some cockpit templates out there somewhere, for folded cardstock construction? And some guidance on the construction? #16 seems to be extremely close to BT-60, so that should work just as well. I guess it also depends on the nose cone shape.

Thanks in advance.
that one looks similar to the Centuri Space Shuttle canopy. You can try one of these, print at a different scale to get the size you want. Or modify it to make your own.
"38. Carefully cut out both cockpits from the pattern sheet on the solid lines. Use a straightedge and ball point pen to score the dotted (fold) lines. Fold on the lines and form the shape, using the small tabs to help glue them together. Patience is required to get a good result. Since the cockpits add weight to the front of the gliders, too much glue will affect the glide. Apply the small cockpit to the small nose cone and the large cockpit to the large nose cone. Align the rear edge of each cockpit with the shoulder of the nose cone. Glue each nose cone into its respective body tube with the cockpit upward."