Disneyland with the kids

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Ray Dunakin

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Jan 9, 2003
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On Tuesday my wife and I took our son, daughter-in-law, and three grandkids to Disneyland. What fun! Cris and I had not been to Disneyland in over 21 years, so there was a lot of new stuff. But the best thing was experiencing it with the grandkids -- even "It's A Small World" is fun when you've got a three-year-old next to you. :) (Plus they had it decorated for Christmas and played some Christmas music, so we didn't have to hear that "small world" song all the way through the ride.)

We stayed til closing and saw the fireworks display, which was much better than it used to be. In fact it was the best fireworks display I've ever personally seen, set to music. Then at the end they played "White Christmas" and "snow" started falling on the "Main Street" area. It sure looked like real snow until it landed on you, and then we could see it was actually just soap foam. Nice effect though. Was pretty funny to see people catching "snowflakes" on their tongues before they realized it was soap.
Sounds like an awesome trip!
I will be planning my Disney trip for my kids in a couple years so my youngest will have a chance to remember it.

It kills me how people are compelled to catch snowflakes on their tongues when they KNOW they are fake. I have even see people do this indoors at a concert.:confused: