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Jan 17, 2009
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Heads up to anyone within driving distance of a Harbor Freight.

They are having a sale this weekend that includes a pretty handy briefcase-sized tote. I think someone has posted here on TRF about these before. They have a hinged lid with snap-lock closure, removable compartments of various sizes, and are stackable with other sizes of totes in this product line. Almost half price.

You will probably need the coupon to get the discount price. I'll see if I can get it copied here.

The only thing I can think of to warn about is to check closely to see if the lid is cracked on the back corners before you buy it. Or, I guess you could go ahead and snag one while they are on sale, keep it in the shrink wrap, and try to come back later and exchange it.

For more detailed info, try:

Edit: Ha! Got the coupon, and even got it into the same post! (Hey, it's a big deal to me)

HarbFrt_Tote Bin_93927.gif

HarbFrt_Tote bin_coupon 14.jpg
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I have a few of them in different sizes with all my little rocket making parts in them. The larger ones, as in your post, work well for storing and carrying model rocket motors.

I almost feel organized.

-- Roger
I've posted here about the Stanley brand one I got at Lowe's for about $15 last year. It's quite sturdy, and I really need another one to keep more motors in.

All 8 of the bins in the one I have are the same size, just right for 70 mm long motors, either upright or lying down.