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Sep 22, 2009
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ok... has any1 had any business with this guy? i ordered a few motors a while back, sent him a money order after i heard from him confirming my order and haven't heard from him yet.:mad:
i e-mail him and asked what was up, and asked if something wasn't in stock (dur me i didn't ask that b4 i ordered... just assumed that since he confirmed my order every thing was ready to rock) but i offered to order something else of the same price in place of what ever he didn't have. Still no response. so now its been like 3 months... and this morning my mom, actually, called the m/o company and found out that he cashed the m/o back in early Nov. :rolleyes:
i'm e-mailing him again now, i hope to get this resolved but if not:kill:
Do a search for that company, there are several mentions with good information.
well, i did a search (shoulda done that b4:D) and now i'm sorry i ordered from him. Unfortunately what’s done is done, and i ordered from him before i joined TRF. thanx for the feedback guys, i'll be calling him if i don't hear from him via e-mail soon. I'm surprised that he manages to stay in business...
It's a shame he isn't responsible...I have met him on several occasions at launches, and have been to the store. Nice guy, but apparently bad buisness practice.
I got my first order from him in about 4 weeks so placed 2 more orders. One was partially filled and the other hasn't been sent at all yet. That was over two months ago. I emailed him and he did respond saying "out of stock". I'm trying to be patient but I won't be ordering anymore from him. Great prices don't matter much if the stuff never gets here.
Oh goodness.

I just placed an order with them about a week and a half ago. I just found this forum last night, and just ran a search on them :(

Not good.

They charged my bank account on Friday, so hopefully that means they've shipped it. I emailed to confirm they received my order the day I placed it (because I got an "email box full" error), and they confirmed. However, if it had been shipped friday it should have been here today at the latest, according to UPS. I just fired off an email confirming that they have shipped it, but no response yet. I sincerely hope they have, because I will not tolerate any messing around on their part (i.e. "hey, lost in the mail!").
Welcome to the forum blike. Well... he charged you... but that does not mean a thing... I only ordered from three times. The first time was for My I-ROC. He did send it in a timely manner, but it was damaged in shipping. That took a while to get a new tube. The second time was my first order of the Magnum. Took a long time. I canceled, but then he shipped it. I sent it back. Took a while to get my money back. Then I bidded for a Magnum on ROL and won, did not realize it was him (and he did not realize it was me). I called him every day till it was shipped.
Thanks for the welcome n3tjm. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow I'm going to be all over him like peanut butter on jelly.

Anyhow, thanks for your input!
I also had bad service from them. One of my orders took forever to arrive and I had to e-mail them a lot to get it taken care of!
Order from A2Z hobbies-they have great prices and awesome customer service. I placed my last order on Sat. and got it on Wed.
From a legal stand point, if the vendor is operating a "mail order business" and they constantly default on orders, at what point does it become mail fraud? Legal guys?
Just in case you guys were curious:

They've had 4 complaints processed by the Better Business Bureau in the last 12 months.

"Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaints. "

There have been 4 delivery complaints, 3 of them were not responded to by the company.


The UPS man went by today and didn't stop at my house :(. I emailed the owner last night. If he does not respond by 5pm I am going to call the bank and backcharge the order and look around at local shops for the kit. I knew the prices were too good to be true. :( It's too bad.

From their website: "Our shipments are prompt and usually go out the same day of the order. "

Oh, I recommend any of you who have had trouble with this company file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau by clicking here

Anyhow, thanks for the suggestions on credible shops!
I ordered from them about 2 - 3 years ago.... some AT kits. Took a while to ship and I had to call a couple of times as I recall. But they DID eventually deliver. Theirs was the lowest price at the time. I learned my lesson and deal with customer service oriented companies now.
I think I'm the only one who's had a good experience with them. I've gotten a LOC IV, and Forte, and plus a bunch of other engines with no problem. Now, I'll think twice...
On r.m.r. there is a post about DHC. One person recommends always calling in your order rather than using the net. Then he recommends calling back 2 or 3 days later just to check on the order. He said he has had no problems ordering this way.
I have also not had a bad experience with them. I always call them though and my dad tells them to put a rush on it. I havent ordered from them for a while though, do to the fact that so many people have bbd experiences

i would definantly not order things off their webpage, it has not been updated in a very long time and I dont even think the guy really used a computer at all
I orderd a ton of Estes motors from him a while back. The first got lost in the mail, but he was nice enough to ship a second box, which arrived on time. I had a lot of trouble with his Email, but eventually I got through. I got the shipment about 8 months after I orderd:( :mad: :kill:

one time I went into his shop to buy some motors, and he just had pieces of paper with orders written on them, with the order sitting on top. And they were right next to eachother, with natta between one order, the next order, and his inventory.:eek: :rolleyes: :kill:
Originally posted by Darian Rachal
On r.m.r. there is a post about DHC. One person recommends always calling in your order rather than using the net. Then he recommends calling back 2 or 3 days later just to check on the order. He said he has had no problems ordering this way.

Really? To me it seems like that type of constant hand holding would send me packing else where.
I suppose its down to how far your willing to go to get stuff at that price.

Yay 300 Posts!!! :)
Thought it was a good price on ROL. I hope it is filled in a timely manner! Yikes!
I've run out of patience with them. I even had them change the motor orders to something I basically knew they had in stock becouse I had gotten one from them before. "OK will do" was what he said. That was three weeks ago. If I haven't heard back from him on my latest email by 5 pm then I'll file a complaint with the BBB. Depending on what the BBB says I might file another complaint with the attorny general of NY, I already have the forms.
I decided not to call the bank and backcharge over the weekend. I thought it would be best to at least speak with someone before I filed complaints.

I called yesterday morning to check on the status of my order. Whoever answered the phone took my number down and told me he'd call me back. I waited 2 hours, no return call. Then I attempted to call them again, but the phone was busy for 4 hours straight, seriously. It makes me think he took the phone off the hook or something. No one called me back.

This morning I called again and asked the status of my order. Firstly, he couldn't track anything by my order #. He had to ask me what I bought, and how much it cost, and when I purchased it. Then, after some shuffling, he said "yea, it's right here." I asked when it would ship out, and he said "probably today". We'll see :rolleyes: It makes me wonder what the hold up was. Did he just forget about it or something?

I emailed him to cancel my order and just give me my money back so I can try to find it around town because I don't feel like waiting another week just to be disappointed when it doesn't come again. I doubt it will be acknowledged though. Unfortunately, I didn't use my credit card, so I can't dispute the charge. If I do not receive my rocket by monday I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and making serious phone calls.

All the emails to the company bounce EXCEPT [email protected] which redirects to [email protected] I believe. He has responded to me twice from that email (but only to verify my order). He never responds when I ask for him to check on my order.
I notice their website is down... Ill probably order a G35 or something from them to ckeck the service for myself.
I'm now Complaint #: 1418599 with the BBB. Doubtless I will be contacting the attorny general sometime down the road as well.

Blue_Ninga_150, I wouldn't order a bag of air from this fellow anymore. If I did I sure wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.
Just to add more fuel to the fire (as if it needed anymore!), I won an Estes Rain Maker from him about 2½ years ago. I sent my payment as soon as I found out I won it (I think the auction ended at 10:30pm, I sent money at 5:30 the next morning). I got it at a decent price ($3) and with $5.50 shipping I thought I won a deal. I e-mailed him several times over a period of 4 months and he gave me the "Lost in the mail" excuse. Attempts at a refund proved futile, but at $8.50, I counted my losses and moved on. Why the heck this guy is still in business is beyond me. There are many vendors who provide EXCELLENT customer service. (Thrustline, FlisKits,, Performance Hobbies, Squirrel Works, just to name a few) With all this selection, you can't afford bad customer service! I'll take my money elsewhere, where the customer is appreciated a bit more! Just my little rant and rave! :D
Originally posted by Blue_Ninja_150
I notice their website is down... Ill probably order a G35 or something from them to ckeck the service for myself.

lol, don't "check it yourself". Take our word for it and give the vendors who work hard to make you happy your business! They deserve it infinitely more than the people who run that place.
BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy from Hobbylinc or A2Z or Discount Rocketry or Great Lakes or Magnum or Commonwealth!!!! They *ALL* are exelent compainies, the *ALL* have great customer serice, and all of them will get your order to you in less than two weeks. You DO NOT want to just "see if it works". You will waste $25, and I know what its like to waste $25 (or, in my case, $45) when you dont have a real job....:eek: :kill:

That guy doesent deserve to be in buisness.
Great LAkes and commonwealth... Thanks for mentioning those!

I figured the G35s would be cheap at DHC since they have cheap G64s.