Dirtiest Rocketry Instruction (Just kidding!)

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Kirk G

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Jan 9, 2012
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Just for a little New Years' fun, let's see if we can come up with the most suggestive or dirtiest rocketry kit instruction.:lol:

I'll start off with two illustrations. Which one do you think is more dirty?:surprised:
Dirtiest Rocket instruction pic.jpg
Dirtiest Rocket instruction pic 2.jpg
I think the first illustration is dirtier than the second. But I think the idea of sticking a "plug" in the "nozzle" is also kind of dirty. This is a filthy hobby.
My TRF signature used to say "It's not phallic" until my wife made me change it. Our hobby lingo is full of double entendre.
I have a set covered in epoxy & cut up quite a bit. is that dirty enough?

or is that the wrong meaning of 'dirty'?!
I have a original jart, made on the field.
My son made me paint it hammered brown.
I call it "The Shart"
And it has to fly on skidmarks!